A New Chapter for FileMap: The Company Secures Funding for an Innovative File Management Project

On September 12th, 2023, “FILEMAP TECHNOLOGY” signed an agreement with the Ministry of Innovation and Growth for non-reimbursable financial assistance under the procedure BG-RRP-2.006 “Support for Innovative SMEs, Distinguished with a Seal of Excellence” within the Operational Program “National Recovery and Resilience Plan,” co-financed by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU.

Under this agreement, FileMap will implement the project BG-RRP-2.006-0005-C01 “Development and Large-Scale Demonstration of FileMap.”

With the financial backing of the “National Recovery and Resilience Plan” 2021 – 2027, funded by the European Union and national financing, FileMap will develop and showcase innovations in file management systems.

Within the scope of this project, FileMap will focus on several key activities:

Development: The primary goal is the creation of an enhanced and intuitive interface that aids users in the organization and management of their files and folders.

Integration: Our product will be compatible with various platforms and devices, allowing users to utilize FileMap regardless of the environment or preferred device.

Testing and Validation: Throughout the development process, our team will conduct continuous tests to ensure the product meets our high standards for quality and security.

Our focus will shift towards market strategy, distribution, and marketing efforts to ensure the product’s broad visibility and market continuity.

FileMap is an innovative software tool that transforms the way users perceive and manage their files. It provides a visual map of all your files and folders, making their sorting, searching, and archiving more straightforward.As a company in the software technology domain, we are dedicated to contributing to the evolution of the industry. We recognize the importance of reexamining and modernizing file management methodologies that have remained largely unchanged since the ’90s. Our mission is to contribute to innovation and education by enhancing the way we engage and collaborate with digital files.

This publication was created with the financial support of the EU’s NextGenerationEU. The entire responsibility for the content of the publication lies with FileMap Technology, and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this publication reflects the official position of the EU and the Directorate-General for European Funds and Cooperation at the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.